Frank Arjava Petter and Chiyoko Sensei

Amanda Jayne
Hugging Chiyoko sensei
This was taken during my first Reiki Training with Chiyoko Yamaguchi in 2002. Chiyoko sensei was so lovely and felt so warm and full of love that I wanted to hug her more than anything. I knew hugging was not a Japanese custom so I took a long time to work up the courage to ask if I could hug her. She said 'yes' immediately and gave me such a lovely hug that I will remember it forever.
Amanda Jayne
Receiving my Shihan-kaku certificate
In 2003 I took my Shihan-kaku training with Chiyoko sensei. I was so excited to learn the assistant teacher level and felt nervous when I started because I was the only one in the class so all the attention was on me. However, I soon became relaxed because both Chiyoko sensei and her son Tadao sensei were so kind and gentle with me. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn with them both every time I look at this photo.

Ikuko Hirota
I got Shihankaku certificate in April, 2003.

One of the most exciting days I had in my life-learning Reiju from Chiyoko sensei and Tadao sensei! I still remember Chiyoko sensei's Reiju. Her hands are so small but I felt them very big whenever I receive it. I hope I will keep giving Reiki and Reiju through my life like Chiyoko sensei. Thank you!! Ikuko

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