Jikiden Reiki from Japan, birthplace of Reiki. Jikiden means "directly passed down" because Jikiden Reiki courses are based on what Chiyoko Yamaguchi had learned directly from Chujiro Hayashi in 1938 and practiced throughout her life for over 65 years.

which is the original purpose of Reiki. Jikiden Reiki offers the essence of Hayashi's teachings which might have been lost in the teachings of Reiki spread in the West. Chiyoko was one of the last students of Hayashi. We hope you will join us and touch the authenticity of Reiki.

The course details
The course curriculum is based on that of Hayashifs seminar.
Course length:3 days
(or 4, 5 days depending on the translation time necessary)
Day 1
Jikiden Reiki Shoden
Part 1
Day 2
Jikiden Reiki Shoden
Part 2&3
Day 3
Jikiden Reiki Okuden
Part 1&2
For those who would like to review the course, we welcome you to repeat the class. (prerequisite for those who wish to become a Jikiden Reiki teacher)
You can repeat the class by part. \5000 / part
Class size:

6-12 participants

(please book your place in advance)


(or equivalent amount in other currencies)
*the fee includes : Seminar fee, manual and certificates
*Please ask us exact fee for other currencies
Venue: Seminar in Japan:
Kyoto Jikiden Healing Center

92 Ayanokoji-Aburanokoji Nishiiru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto
  Seminar overseas : Contact us for details.
Teacher: Tadao Yamaguchi  

Certificate is provided at the end of the course(Shoden and Okuden)
ŠJapanese certificate was made based on the certificates given
by Hayashi Reiki Institute.

For more details:Please contact Ikuko Hirota by email
at eeks@xf6.so-net.ne.jp

Jikiden Reiki Objectives




To publish illustrations of the effectiveness and document peoplefs experiences of Reiki.
To enable people to use Reiki as an effective complement to conventional medical care.
To introduce the effectiveness of Reiki to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, thereby initiating its use in conjunction with Western medicine in the conventional medical field.
To introduce the use of Reiki for medical care in the household. This should help to break dependence on everyday allopathic remedies and conventional drugs. The ultimate objective here is twofold. Firstly people will become healthier as their bodies start to remember how to heal themselves without chemical substances introduced from the outside. Secondly there will be a significant reduction in the amount of medical waste, a positive effect on the environment, which can be global in scale.

Regulations of the Jikiden Reiki Institute



The symbols (shirushi), mantras, Jumon and any contents of the manual or seminar shall not be revealed to those not in attendance.
Any publications, photos or seminar content shall not be revealed, loaned to any third party or made available on the internet.
Jikiden Reiki shall not be taught mixed with other kinds of Reiki. Only Shihan-Kaku (assistant teachers) and Shihan (teachers) approved by Jikiden Reiki Institute can teach Jikiden Reiki.

Who can join?

who would like to study Jikiden Reiki
who agree with the objectives and regulations
(see above) of Jikiden Reiki

Please see the schedule of our classes

Jikiden Reiki
Tadao Yamaguchi